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Firestone Air Bellows and Vibration Isolators

Distributors for Parker and Honeywell

Marsh MellowTM Springs

Marsh Mellow™ is the trade name of the fabric and rubber spring developed by Firestone Industrial Products in the early 1970’s. The basic construction of the Marsh Mellow spring includes a solid rubber core with a hollow center, and fabric reinforced body. The controllable variables of this construction are the keys to the extreme design flexibility that the spring offers.

Constant Vibration Isolation with Changing Loads

The variable spring rate allows for a nearly constant natural frequency with changing loads. This results in consistent vibration isolation with variable loading.

High Load Carrying Capacity

Due to the Marsh Mellow spring’s greater deflection capabilities and load carrying influences of the fabric reinforcement, it can carry a greater load.

Excellent Vibration Isolation

Low natural frequencies provide excellent isolation of forced frequencies in the range of 800-1200 cycles per minute (13-20Hz).

Low Cost

The Marsh Mellow spring’s high load capability means fewer springs may be needed in an application, resulting in less overall cost.

Airstroke Actuators

Airstroke actuators are used primarily in place of pneumatic or hydraulic cylinders. A few of the typical applications currently include


Surface area presses Commercial laundry Stamping presses

Material handling Valves Conveyors Sawmill machinery Clamping devices Assembly equipment Irrigation equipment Automotive alignment equipment Paper and textile machinery Browse Products

Air Springs

Airmount isolators are used as vibration isolators on many different types of equipment. Following is a partial list of just a few of the typical types of installations.



Anechoic chambers Shock test equipment Test bed shakers Generator sets Forging hammers Industrial machinery Lasers Vibrating screens Earthquake simulator Vibrating conveyors and feeders Inertial mass mountings Vibrating test equipment Seat springs Browse Products