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Low-Pressure Hoses

Distributors for Parker and Honeywell

The Benefits of Parker Push-Lok®

Premium products and leak-free solutions are what you’ll get with every Parker Push-Lok hose and fitting system. With the most complete line of high-quality, low-pressure hose and fittings, Push-Lok is the answer to all your instrumentation needs.

Offering easy assembly and organization

The Push-Lok system is easy to use. No clamps or special tools are required during installation. And with Parker’s exclusive colorcode system, you can inventory, maintain and identify your hose needs easily and efficiently.

Providing exceptional value     

Parker Push-Lok assemblies can be made in seconds, saving valuable time and money. What’s more, Push-Lok fittings are reusable. Just replace the hose at the job site without any special tools or clamps.

Meeting all your special needs

Helping you maintain a clean environment on the job is another important reason to use Parker’s Push Lok system. Its unique seal ensures reliability and durability for clean environment use

Parker Push-lok

Advantages of the Push-Lok Color Coding System

Easier, faster line

In applications where a number of hose lines carry different media, Push-Lok colors reduce timely “tracing” of lines, preventing disconnection of the wrong line and unnecessary, costly downtime.

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More efficient,
preventive maintenance

Using color-coded Push-Lok hose is an excellent way to keep track of scheduled replacement of lowpressure hose in your operations. Just assign a different color hose to each replacement period and eliminate the possibility of missing lines scheduled for replacement.

Enhance your
products’ appearance

For equipment manufacturers and their customers, using Push-Lok color hoses can vastly improve the visual and functional appeal of work equipment, on-line systems and the overall facility.

Help identify
industrial drop lines

Use Push-Lok colors to identify drop line length and diameter for faster and easier replacement. When replacing by color, the right size and length are automatically set.

GST® II – General Service Hose

Series 7031(R) (Green), Series 7057 (Blue), Series 7092 (Red), Series 7093 (Black) and Series 7096 (Yellow)

Parker GST Hose

GST® II hose is a versatile general purpose hose designed to handle air, mild chemicals and water. The hose construction incorporates a tube that is compatible with light oil mists found in air tool lubricating systems, and the multiple plies of textile reinforcement provide flexibility. The cover is resistant to abrasion, heat and ozone, and is available in multiple standard colors for color-coded identification.

Product Details

Tube: Black EPDM
Reinforcement: Multiple textile plies
Cover: Black, blue, green, red, yellow EPDM; smooth finish
Temp. Range: -40°F to +212°F (-40°C to +100°C)
Brand Method: White ink on black, blue, green, red hose;
black ink on yellow hose
Design Factor: 4:1
Industry Standards: ARPM Class C oil resistant tube; ARPM IP-7 (7031R only)
Applications: • Air (including oil mist), mild chemicals, water
• Agriculture, construction, general industrial
Vacuum: Not recommended
Compare to: Boston Bosflex A/W; Gates Adapta Flex; Thermoid
Valuflex GS; Veyance Horizon General Purpose
Packaging: Reels; cartons

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Exceeds IS446 : 1980 Type 3

Technical Details

Application: High Pressure Rock Drill and Pneumatic Service in drilling. Quarries, Construction and general Industry
Inner Tube: Heat and Oil Mist Resistant Synthetic Rubber
Reinforcement: One high tensile steel wire braid
Cover: Synthetic Rubber
Temp. Range: -350C to +1000C

Parker Pneumatic Hose


Exceeds IS 446 Type 2

Technical Details

Inner tube: Synthetic Rubber
Reinforcement: One Textile braid
Outer: Synthetic Rubber
Service Temp: -300C to +820C

Parker Airmaster


Exceeds IS 446 Type 1 and 444 Type 2

Technical Details

Inner tube: Synthetic Rubber
Reinforcement: One Textile braid
Outer: Synthetic Rubber
Service Temp: -300C to +820C

Parker Water Hose


BS 4089:1989 TYPE 1

Technical Details

Application: Transfer of LPG in Liquid or Vapour Form which is unvented between operations including automotive.
Inner Tube: Synthetic Rubber
Reinforcement: One High tensile Steel Wire Braid
Cover: Synthetic Rubber
Temp Range: -200C to 450C

Parker LPG Hose


BS EN 1360 TYPE 3: ATEX Approved

Technical Details

Application: Fuel Dispensing
Inner Tube: Synthetic Rubber
Reinforcement: One wire braid
Cover: Synthetic Rubber
Temp. Range: -400C to 550C