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Parker Taiyo Pneumatics

Distributors for Parker and Honeywell

Taiyo Pneumatics

TAIYO offers total Pneumatic equipment to the global market which can be a best solution for factory automation. Our main plant of Pneumatic equipment, Tsukuba, has been approved ISO9001 and support to various industries such as automotive, semi-conductor, food and medical industry. Taiyo aims to be a best player of Pneumatic equipment for the market always

General Purpose Pneumatic Cylinder

DC7 Series

Pneumatic Cylinder/Bore 40 to 150mm

Improved the quality of cushion by adopted new developed cushion structure.

Standardized magnetic proximity switch.

Stanardizing the heavy duty scraper.

The external dimension is totally same with DC4 and DC6.

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10A-3 Series

Heavy Duty Type Pneumatic Cylinder/Bore 50 to 250mm

Heavy duty air cylinder adopted large diameter rod.

Enlarged rod and rod end thread diameter would be more strongly to horizontal load compare with 10A-2 series.

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10A-2 Series

Heavy Duty Type Pneumatic Cylinder/Bore 32 to 250mm

The adoption of steel material made high-power pneumatic cylinder possible.

Urethane rubber used in dust wiper.

Conforming to ISO Standards.(except as to bore 140 and 180)
Non-lubrication system.

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10A-6 Series

Pneumatic Cylinder/Bore 32 to 125mm

Cushion valve of new type adopted.

Large size sintered oil-impregnated copper alloy bearing adopted.

Fitting boss adopted for rod cover and head cover.

Rod diameter of general-purpose size in Japan adopted.

For rod seal and piston seal, JPAS Specifications adopted.

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Round Body Design Pneumatic Cylinder

10Z-3 Series

Round Body Pneumatic Cylinder/Bore 12 to 63mm

The simple shape is available with the adoption of stainless steel tube.

The system is improved as switch-set cylinder is available only by mounting a switch on the
cylinder body.

For the switch mounting method, switch can be mounted simply with the adoption of band. 

Stainless steel (with Hard Chrome plating) have been adopting for standard piston rod of bore sizes 12 to 32mm.

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10Z-2 Series

Round Body Pneumatic Cylinder/Bore 20 to 40mm

Can be disassembled easily for maintenance.

Complete lineup non-rotating with block types are also available.

Uses hexagon rod construction so need no non-rotate guide.
Possible to add switches to all models after delivery.

Uses cushion mechanism to ease the adjustment and hold up with heavy use.

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Air Motor

TAV3 Series

Vane Type Air Motor/with high speed rotary

Lightening by aluminum body adoption(About 30% weight saving compared with our standard)

Downsized by rear exhaust adoption(About 30% size saving compared with our standard)

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TAM4 Series

Radial Piston Type Air Motor

Mounting direction is free with grease-mounted system.(The oil lubrication with air lubricator is necessary.)

With balancer structure contained, smooth working with little vibration is available.

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